Azienda Agricola La G.Raffa

Name Azienda Agricola La G.Raffa
Category Educational farm
Address Via Medusia n.46/B, 41014 Castelvetro di Modena (MO), Italy
Gardening opening in 2016
  • Dimension: From 500 sqm and over (different sizes). The garden used for educational workshops is 200 sqm.
  • Growing methods: soil.
  • In the garden the organisation cultivates: Vegetables, Herbs, Fruit trees, Berries and Root plants.
  • Activities with children: sowing, planting, harvesting, transfering plants to pots to take home.
  • In the gardening activities collaboration between children is always promoted.
  • Main objectives of the educational garden:
    • to help an individual child to discover the ground by touching, sniffing, palying and looking at it, and also to develop knowledge in the transplantation, tillage, sowing and harvesting workshops. In this way they learn the basics of cultivation of vegetable crops, the recognition of the levels of maturation needed for a good harvest. (When it is possible the children taste what they collect.)
    • To help the group / class work together to get an end result collaboratively.