Casanuova Società Semplice Agricola

Name Casanuova Società  Semplice Agricola
Category Farmhouse, educational farm
Address Località Casa Nuova 1, Tizzano Val Parma (PR), Italy
Gardening opening in 1978
  • Dimension: 300 sqm (vegetable garden), 4000 smq (orchard)
  • Growing methods: soil.
  • In the garden the organisation cultivates: Vegetables, Herbs, Fruit trees, Berries and Root plants.
  • Activities with children: sowing, planting, harvesting, food preparation.
  • In the gardening activities collaboration between children is always promoted.
  • Main objectives of the educational garden:
    • to help an individual child tomake a little effort in order to have a result.
    • to help the group / class to organize and help each other.