February 5, 2018

Castellar – escuela de educacion infantil n1

E.E.I. El Castellar is a public childhood school (2nd cycle of childhood education with children aged 3-5). The center is located in Bullas, with a population of approximately 12,200 inhabitants and an area of 82.2 km2.

The origin of the pupils is from Bullas, in a high proportion, mainly influenced by the proximity. A small number of pupils are immigrants from various places (Latin America, China, etc.); families have a very varied socioeconomic and cultural level, on average medium level.

The center has a parent association that cares, participates and collaborates both in extracurricular school activities and in project activities carried out during the Carnival, Easter, tours and other festivals.

It is a center with a public (depending on the government) ownership. Some of the principles are:

  • to actively promote democratic values;
  • to be an open, active, participatory and inclusive school;
  • to achieve the development and promotion of positive attitudes regarding the habits of individual and collective health, consumer and environmental conservation and nature;
  • to work for continuous training of all the people of the educational community, incorporating new technologies and becoming aware of the importance of languages for personal development, social acceptance and understanding of external reality.