Colegio De Infantil Y Primaria Villa Alegría

Name Colegio De Infantil Y Primaria Villa Alegría
Category Pre-Primary School
Address C/ Blanca 6 San Pedro del Pinatar, Murcia, Spain
Gardening opening in 2012 (first stage); 2014 (actual stage)
  • Dimension: 36 sqm
  • Growing methods: soil.
  • In the garden the school cultivates: Vegetables, Herbs, Fruit trees, Root plants.
  • Activities with children: sowing;, replanting, harvesting, extract seeds, fertilize, aerate the earth, treat pests and weeds in an ecological way.
  • Link with the school curriculum: The activity in the garden is included in the programming of the natural sciences /science area. A temporal sequencing of the garden work is organised according to the teaching schedules.
  • Main objectives of the educational garden:
    • to help an individual child to experiment with the natural environment and provide attractive learning experiences and serve as the praxis for the development of the curriculum or the realisation of educational projects;
    • to help the group / class to perform cooperative work, develop work organisation strategies, as well as responsibility and involvement in a common project.