February 5, 2018

Cosmos Kids 1 LTD

Cosmos Kids 1 Ltd is an English language kindergarten with focus on development of multilingualism and social skills, physical development through sport activities, living in natural environment.

It introduces the following key values in its programme: liberty, self-reliance, cultural and social diversity, environmental protection.

Size: hired workforce – 7 teachers, 1 administrator

Learners: 30

Scope of work:

  1. children education and development
  2. talent discovery and development in arts and sport
  3. sport camps (mountain and sea sports)

Areas of expertise:

  1. early language acquisition of two foreign languages per minimum;
  2. education in natural studies and math;
  3. talent development in fine arts and sports
  4. early age development of social skills;
  5. development of fine and gross motor skills;
  6. physical development through sport in minimum 3 different sports.

Quality system: adopted NDNA quality system in January 2016.