February 5, 2018

Fundacion Terra Integral

Fundación Tierra Integral (FTI) is an NGO created in 2000 to implement and use ICT technologies, development of agro-ecology knowledge, research and development on environmental and energy processes that contribute to tackling climate change. FTI also drives and enhances training of citizens in multidisciplinary fields. Currently it counts 5 employees and a great number of collaborators, such as associations and public organizations working in the topics of the foundation.

TIF aims are to promote, protect and develop cooperation of all kinds of intellectual, scientific and cultural activities in the rural areas. Other activities are accompanying activities and protection of nature, as well as research activities and all kinds of studies related to these sectors.

The Tierra Integral Foundation works mainly in the following lines:

  • Implementation and researching on agro-ecology and sustainable and environmental friendly and energy processes with the environment, such as method of mitigating climate change processes and deterioration of rural areas.
  • Development and promoting of training to the population on agro-ecology, energy efficiency, sustainability, etc.
  • National and transnational cooperation for rural and agricultural development of third country.
  • The use and implementation of ICTs in the territory as facilitators of social welfare and economic development engine.

The Foundation works in energizing and creating projects for rural development. Also, it practices initiatives aimed at using new knowledge and technologies to increase the competitive products and services in the territory of action.

TIF has been participated in different rural development and cultural initiatives, one of the most important is the First Rural Telework Centre on rural areas in Murcia, mainly promoting agricultural products, local biodiversity, handcrafts, and ecotourism, and enhancing internet access in rural areas for education and sustainable initiatives.

Another one is the Agroecology and Environmental Center (CEAMA).

The CEAMA is conceived as a space for observation and enjoyment of the natural and agricultural heritage; as an instrument of national and international reference for the development of research and technical and professional expertise in the field of agroecology and Ecodesarrollo.

CEAMA is set as a center for:

  • Design and management of sustainable agricultural systems from ecologically, economically and socially;
  • Recovery and Conservation of Land and Natural Biodiversity;
  • Raising awareness of sustainable development practices;
  • Agritourism and ecotourism.

The CEAMA offers workshops for all levels of education and public in general, introducing organic farming techniques through practical activities. It also organises tours (self-guided or directed) by the various thematic paths, where you can meet and participate in the operation of a sustainable agricultural system, analyze the use of plants by man, identifying the flora and fauna of our territory, see our solar system and discover how you can make a rational use of water and energy through bioclimatic architecture.

TIF facilities include rooms for training, agricultural areas for organic farming, and eco-lodge and a food studio for training purposes. Integral is working toward generating a local brand linked to the territory in all their initiatives putting emphasis on active local communities and citizenship as main actors for sustainability.