Hydroponics, Escuela El Castellar

Name Escuela El Castellar
Category  Hydroponics
Short description Hydroponics is a method of industrial plant cultivation that uses only aqueous solutions with dissolved chemical nutrients or with sterile substrates as support for the root of the plants instead of soil. When mineral nutrients are introduced into the plant’s water supply, the soil is no longer required for the plant to thrive.

Nowadays, this activity is reaching a great height in the countries where the conditions for agriculture are adverse, as is the case of our school El Castellar, in which the quality of the soil is not adequate.

Hydroponics, although not currently well known in the area, is a simple, clean and low-cost way to produce fast-growing vegetables that are generally rich in nutrients. For this reason, the school Castellar wants to introduce this technique of agriculture to our students, so that they discover that there are different types of agriculture that use the resources that people have at hand.

This system is still in the process of being created within our school garden. In spite of not being in operation yet, the wooden box, the water tank and the system that will be used for its operation have already been installed.