February 5, 2018



Istituto Comprensivo Claudio Abbado (ICCA) was created on 1st September 2012 and groups 3 school complexes (“plesso”):

  • Plesso Pistelli: pre-primary (7 classes) and primary school (40 classes);
  • Plesso Giovanni XXIII: secondary school (12 classes);
  • Plesso Vaccari: pre-primary (3 classes) and primary school (7 classes).

According to the 3-year plan of educational offer, the school mission is to:

  • guide learners through cooperation, solidarity and active citizenship, with a focus on:
  • special education needs of pupils, integration of marginalised pupils, including those with learning disabilities;
  • emerging educational needs, strengthening the level of English and scientific education;
  • collaboration with families and an hopening of the school to the local community with extra-curricular initiatives.

The vision is a school that can combine innovation and inclusion, open to the challenges of XXI century, to develop key competences necessary for economic, civic and social life, by fully respecting the educational needs of all.

In particular, the project involves the pre-primary school Scuola dell´Infanzia “Ermenegildo Pistelli”, with a group of teachers, the school leader and a group of pupils aged 0-6.

Scuola dell´Infanzia “Ermenegildo Pistelli” is composed by 3 classes with children aged 3-5, with a series of projects and activities, including: theatre, kitchen workshops, English, computer science and continuity with the primary school. The school is equipped with LIM (interactive whiteboard) and a multi-media lab and has a specific office dedicated to autism.

Also, it has a garden for educational and didactic activities and plans to improve the activities related to horticulture thanks to the project.