Istituto Comprensivo Claudio Abbado

Name Istituto Comprensivo Claudio Abbado
Category Pre-Primary School
Address Via Monte Zebio 35, Rome, Italy
Gardening opening in 2013
  • Dimension: 250 sqm
  • Growing methods: soil.
  • In the garden the school cultivates: Vegetables, Herbs, Fruit trees.
  • Activities with children: sowing, replanting.
  • Link with the school curriculum: yes, cultivating the garden is a multidisciplinary activity that is linked to several projects of the school such as the Montessori botanical materials through the nomenclature, classification of the plants, leaves, flowers, fruits, to the Recycling project to educate children to the awareness that the environment is a fundamental good and must be protected, to the Emotions project since free space for the emotions and feelings is experienced by the children.
  • Main objectives of the educational garden:
    • to help an individual child to work on independently;
    • to help the group / class tocooperate and solve problems.