The Smart Garden at Muzeiko

Name The Smart Garden at Muzeiko
Category  Open air edible garden of learning made by concrete cylinders (boxes) placed directly on the ground.
Short Description  The garden is located outdoors in the green area between the two main buildings of Muzeiko. The total area of the garden is about 100 square meters, where are placed the five concrete cylinders with dimensions that are suitable for the comfortable work of children aged 2-6 years – the height of the bed is 40 cm in height and the diameter is 90 cm. The distance between the concrete beds is around 1 meter, for the free passage of children and adults.The ground space around the planting beds is covered with small stone pebbles in order to provide sense stimulation and aesthetic environment and also to prevent the growth of unwanted weeds between the planters.

The five garden containers are filled with a mixture of various soil ingredients – river sand soil, coconut fiber for moisture absorption, worms’ organic fertilizer, and peat mixture for aeration of heavy sandy soil from the river. A chips mix is used to soil the soil after planting the main plants to protect the soil’s beneficial substances and retain moisture in the hot summer months.

The basic elements available in the garden:

  • 5 planting beds painted in different colors
  • wooden fence (1-meter-high) that can be used for installation of educational boards
  • water source and a watering hose,
  • composter and a compost zone
  • storage box for garden tools and compost bags

The garden is designed as a dynamic ecosystem of a small area with a high biodiversity index. The principles of companion planting and crop rotation are applied in order to increase the productivity and keep the immunity of the ecosystem and to preserve the long term soil fertility.

The garden was installed within one working day with the help of a volunteer team of 20 adults who helped to spread the pebbles on the ground, to install and paint the concrete beds, to mix all the soil ingredients, and fill the planting beds. The installation of the fence was carried out by an external company certified by ISO2000. The work on planting and care of plants is carried out by the MUZEIKO team and the children’s learning groups. The garden can safely work and study up to 20 children aged 2-6 years.

The wheelchair and small children accessibility of the garden is ensured bya wooden ramp leading from Muzeiko exit gate to the Garden area.

All the garden elements are designed to be safe, attractive and accessible for exploration both from children and adults.