February 5, 2018

Muzeiko Fundation

MUZEIKO Children’s Museum is the biggest science centre in Eastern Europe specifically targeting children. It specializes in science communication for children and informal learning. MUZEIKO is working within a social context, which is specific with more then 30% of the population living under the poverty line and the particular geographic position of Bulgaria on major roads of migration. It has opened with the purpose to create the following impacts:

On Local Economy and Infrastructure Development

Children’s Museums spark spectacular renaissances, reimage cities, create jobs, and enhance local pride.

Children’s Museums are a popular local and travel destination. In the USA 35% of institutions were triggers for massive infrastructure revitalization projects.

Cultural development, including Children’s Museums have proved to be a catalyst for economic development of cities.

On Education

Children’s Museum bring back curiosity and interest in the learning process.

Children’s Museum support higher academic achievements and prevent early drop-off.

Children’s Museum foster creativity and thinking in children and thus create better opportunities for them in the future.

On Early Childhood Development

Early years of childhood (0-3 years) are crucial for the kids’ future emotional and intellectual development.

Toddlers areas in Children’s Museums are focused on the specific developmental needs of this target group during their most important years of development

Muzeiko has a dedicated early childhood exhibit space specifically designed for infants and toddlers.

The toddlers’ spaces have become a gathering point for parents and specialists and have influenced the way we think about early childhood.

On Community Involvement

Children and respectively Children’s Museums are one of the most likely subjects to motivate community involvement.

Children’s museums provide a unique space for families to share their talents and points of view.

Children’s Museums are a starting point of community groups’ action around the globe on issues that matter to people locally.

Children’s Museums are catalysts for bringing communities together, for revitalizing cities and towns, for encouraging the interchange of ideas, for creating enlightened, healthy and prosperous living environments.