Extra soil gardens in wood boxes Escuela El Castellar

Name Escuela El Castellar
Category  Extra soil gardens in wood boxes
Short Description  At school, we have 8 wooden boxes; six for the different class groups and two additional boxes for radish and flowers.

Vegetable gardens were set up in wooden boxes by children with the help and collaboration of Biosegura, an asociation devoted to agroecology.

These wooden boxes are very suitable for children from 3 to 5 years old, as it is very easy for them to plant, water and collect vegetables. Besides, among the main advantages it could be highlighted the quality of the soil, which allows vegetables to grow in a proper way. In this way, vegetables can still be grown even when there is no quality ground available.

Each wooden raised garden bed accommodates 3 kinds of plants: aromatic plants, vegetables and flowers. In this way, we are teaching children the importance of biodiversity within nature.