Trellis Garden, Escuela El Castellar

Name Escuela El Castellar
Category  Trellis Gardens
Short description At school, we have 2 trellis gardens. As the tipology of the school soil is quite poor (major part without organic matter), it needs extra soil. With this purpose in mind, the school has delimited the area in the floor with wood for the soil and nutrients.

The trellis system is used for climbing plants. Therefore, peas and broad beans has been planted. These vegetables were  set up with the help and collaboration of Biosegura, an asociation devoted to agroecology.

These trellis gardens are very suitable for children from 3 to 5 years old, as it is very motivating for children to be able to go insed the cabin and being surrounded by plants.

Besides, among the main advantages it could be highlighted the quality of the soil, which allows vegetables to grow in a proper way. In this way, vegetables can still be grown even when there is no quality ground available.