Extra soil gardens at Explora, Explora

Name Explora, the children’s museum of Rome
Category  Extra soil gardens in wood boxes
Short Description  At Explora, vegetable gardens were set up in wooden boxes by the Construction, Maintenance and Green Area team, with the technical support of the ALMA MATER STUDIORUM – University of Bologna, Department of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies.

These raised beds have a closed-loop design: this allows to recover excess water, which is always precious and in short supply, and re-use it.
Raised bed growing has other benefits:

  •  plants are kept off the ground and this helps reduce fungal diseases;
  • vegetables can still be grown even when there is no quality ground available.

These raised beds were filled with an all-purpose soil and perlite mix.
Each wooden raised garden bed accommodates 3 kinds of plants: aromatic plants, vegetables and flowers.
Intercropping of flowers, aromatic plants, vegetables is important!
Flowers attracts useful insects such as hoverflies, ladybirds and bees and helps pollination.
Aromatic plants help guard harmful insects off the garden with their smell (perfume for us humans) which is useful in case you want to run an organic and integrated garden.
Vegetables give us fruits, leaves and roots which are very useful for our diet, as they contain vitamins, mineral salts, antioxidant and fibres.