Joint Training Staff Event 2 in Northern Ireland

From 3rd to 6th June, the South West College campus/STEM Centre and Dungannon Primary School will host the second joint training staff event of the project.
The training will be useful to build solid basis, so that the partners can disseminate the educational content of the learning platform with a group of 80 teachers and educators.The main goals and expectations are:

  • ensure that the gardens are places for inclusion, following the trainings and expertise of University of Parma – Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Industries and the learnings from the video-observations conducted in each country;
  • clarify doubts on the technical instructions on how create different types of soil/soil-less gardens, based on the expertise of University of Bologna Alma Mater Studiorum – Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences;
  • build different skills and competences for educators and teachers on how to conduct hands-on workshops for children aged 3-6, based on the different experiences of the partners, testing examples covering different themes: life of the plant, the eco-system, activities in the garden.

The training will also be an occasion to officially launch the local pilot garden.