Training days in Northern Ireland

4 full days of theoretical and practical activities, 19 participants from 4 countries and an active involvement of the local pupils, teachers and school community: the training week organised in Northern Ireland by Dungannon Primary School and the STEM Centre @ SWC from June 3rd to 6th was enriching and motivating!


  • Participants had the opportunity to test out with the local pupils a series of practical workshops that will soon be part of our online course;
  • the partner universities and research centres shared their analysis based on the video observations, together with further inputs and useful technical information and content needed to create and manage an educational garden;
  • the staff of Dungannon Primary School let us enjoy and visit the school and we learned a lot from the school environment, approaches and programmes used for educational purposes;
  • the local partners made all their effort to open the pilot garden, with an involvement of the pupils, teachers, but also parents and the whole community.


Another GARDENtoGROW was successfully launched!

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