Third transnational Meeting in Northern Ireland

South West College STEM centre and Dungannon primary school hosted a partner meeting on the 17thand 18thof October with Nicola Michelon from the University of Bologna. Nicola came to Northern Ireland, to better understand our climate and soil structure, to ensure when he is writing the guidelines for Intellectual output 2 he has all the correct information about Northern Ireland.

During Nicolas trip we visited Dungannon Primary School to show Nicola the current gardening classes taking place in the school, we watched the children harvest there potato crop they planted in May, this was a useful exercise as it allowed Nicola to see the facilities we have on offer.

We then spent the afternoon in our garden plot and we took soil samples and discussed drainage of the area and took some water quality tests.

To end the evening we visited a local garden centre to show Nicola the products that were available to us, and we selected the correct types of organic matter we would need in our garden.

The trip was very beneficial to us and we have a clear plan ready to be implemented.