Transnational meeting in Northern Ireland

On the 17thof April Nicola Michelon form the University of Bologna visited the South West College campus to have a training meeting with the STEM Centre and Dungannon Primary School.

The meeting was useful to support the local partners for next training event with the participation of all the partners, planned for June.

During the meeting, Nicola Michelon explained how to set up hydroponic systems and explained how to maintain the system with nutrients.

The partners used the workshop facilities in South West College to construct the hydroponic box systems, including re-claimed pallets for the base and some wood for the sides. The partners then transported the boxes to the garden site where they began the planting work.

Nicola led a group discussion with the students on hydroponics systems and then the children planted their vegetable plants in the solution (cauliflower, lettuce, chard and broccoli).

On day 2 the partners finished planting in the second hydroponic box system.

South West College and Dungannon Primary school will now continue to work with the box systems daily to ensure growth, so that they will be ready to host the other partners in June.

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