Private Schoolgarden Casa Dei Bambini

Name Private Schoolgarden Casa Dei Bambini
Category Primary School
Address Bulgaria
Gardening opening 2012
  • Dimension: 120 sqm
  • Growing methods: soil.
  • In the garden the school cultivates: Vegetables, Decorative Plants, Herbs, Fruits trees, Berries, Root plants.
  • Activities with children: sowing, replanting, harvesting, food preparation, planting, companion-plants design, composting, rain water collection.
  • Link with the school curriculum: yes. Everything that the children learn as theory in Nature Sciences, Practical life skills, sense and motor skills development is related to the practical exercises and observations in the garden, all the themes and lessons are taught in an integral whole.
  • Main objectives of the educational garden:
    o to help the individual child study through personal experience and contact with nature;
    o to help the group / class develop social skills for communication and teamwork.
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