Name Vitosha
Category City public space, community garden
Address kv.Vitosha, bl.18, Sofia, Bulgaria
Gardening opening in 2014
  • Dimension: 2000 sqm
  • Growing methods: soil and compost.
  • In the garden the organisation cultivates: Vegetables, Decorative Plants, Herbs, Fruits trees, Berries and Root plants.
  • Activities with children: sowing, planting, harvesting and food preparation.
  • In the gardening activities collaboration between children is only sometimes promoted.
  • Main objectives of the educational garden:
    • to help the individual child to learn how nature works, to acquire new skills to work with land and plants, to see how everything in nature is connected and how all elements work together to grow a delicious harvest.
    • to help the group / class to have the same experiences, to work together on a task, share impressions and emotions with others, develop social skills and respect for others, to have effective communication and teamwork skills.